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Meet the Scovell Family

Scovell Family

In March of 2019, the Scovell family made a generous gift to the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business with the goal of empowering additional students to sharpen their leadership capabilities through participation in the business leadership program.

John Scovell played Red Raider football and graduated first in his class from Texas Tech University. Two years later, he earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. John, co-founder, past CEO/president, and current chairmen of Woodbine Development has championed several commercial real-estate projects in Dallas, Texas, most notably the Hyatt Regency with its landmark Reunion Tower. His wife, Diane, is a dedicated volunteer, member of various boards, and takes part in many civic, philanthropic, religious, and political organizations in Dallas.

Together, John and Diane have three sons Field, King, and Dupree. Continuing in their parent's footsteps, each son played football and earned their undergraduate degrees at Texas Tech. Field Scovell, the oldest son, attended medical school at Texas Tech and currently practices medicine in Dallas, Texas. Currently, King is the chief development officer of Woodbine, serves as the co-chair of the Rawls Dallas Scholarship event and is a member of the Rawls Advisory Council. Dupree, the youngest of the brothers, earned four bachelor degrees, then went to Stanford, where he earned an M.Ed. and MBA. Currently, Dupree is the managing partner and chief investment officer at Woodbine.

We greatly appreciate the Scovell family's continued support of Rawls College and Texas Tech University. All students involved in the Scovell Business Leadership Program are encouraged to uphold the highest standards of excellence and represent the Scovell family name with integrity and pride.