Texas Tech University

Our Promise to You

The Texas Tech Study Abroad team is here to assist and support students throughout the entire study abroad process. We recognize parents, family members and guardians are critical partners in supporting student success. Texas Tech urges students to undertake all of the necessary steps to prepare for their experience abroad on their own. We hope you have confidence that your student is in great hands with the Study Abroad Office. 

What the Study Abroad Office promises parents, guardians and mentors.

  • We will comply with the FERPA laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) that affect what information we can and cannot share with our student's family members and/or guardians. If a student would like for their information to be made available to others, then they must first complete a FERPA waiver
  • We will prepare your student to adapt, learn, and excel in their new environment.
  • We will mitigate risks appropriately in all locations where we place students.
  • We will communicate with your student's host university or program appropriately with information pertinent to their experience before, during, and after their study abroad.
  • We will listen to your student and respond promptly to their concerns regarding registration, billing, and other university matters.

How you can work with us.

As a parent, guardian or mentor, you should:

  • Ensure your student understands the importance of their role in co-creating a positive study abroad experience to include disclosing any needs they have which might affect their health, safety or wellness.
  • Make time to discuss your student's goals and expectations for their international experience.
  • Ask your student to share financial aid and cost information.
  • Ask that your student disclose to you as well as the Study Abroad staff any additional travel and activities they have planned which are independent of their study abroad program.
  • Be aware that your student - rather than Texas Tech staff or the study abroad program - may be the most appropriate source for some information.
  • Develop a communication plan with your student that addresses when and how often to be in contact while abroad. It is particularly important to discuss the need for a call home upon arrival in the host country. 


Student Support and Guidance from Study Abroad

Study Abroad staff members understand that preparing for and participating on a study abroad program can be at once exciting and overwhelming, so we provide support and guidance to students in all stages of preparation. However, we also require that students take an active role in preparing for their experience abroad, and we expect them to be responsible and complete all necessary steps prior to departure.

Initial Research Phase

Study Abroad Counselors are available to meet with students to:

  • Help identify programs that meet their academic, personal and professional goals
  • Discuss program-specific details such as cost, housing, and available courses
  • Assist with the application process
  • Discuss financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Discuss health insurance and other safety concerns

After Acceptance

All students are required to complete pre-departure orientation facilitated by Study Abroad. These sessions will cover details about Texas Tech policies, academics, financial information, health and safety, cultural differences and culture shock.

Additional orientation sessions may be offered by the student's chosen program or faculty leaders.

Besides the mandatory orientation, Counselors are available by appointment to discuss any questions or concerns the student may have about their upcoming time abroad.

All students must be medically recommended for travel. Study Abroad has partnered with the on-campus Student Health Services to make this as convenient for students as possible.

While Abroad

Study Abroad Counselors work closely with on-site staff for all approved programs, and they are in direct communication regarding any issue or emergency occurring abroad.

In the unlikely case there is a natural disaster, political upheaval or other dangerous situation, the Study Abroad Office will coordinate with on-site colleagues and our insurance provider to ensure our students are safe and, if need be, evacuate them from the country.

What to do in an emergency

Back at Texas Tech

Once the student completes their study abroad program, the Study Abroad staff will facilitate the course equivalency process (issuing Texas Tech credit and grades for coursework taken abroad for applicable programs).

Returned students can stay involved with Study Abroad by becoming a Peer Adviser, volunteering at Study Abroad events like the annual Study Abroad Fair, or joining several internationally-focused student groups on campus.