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Pre-Health in Sevilla

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Terms, Dates & Field of Study

Term: Spring

Start Date: January 8, 2025

End Date: May 13, 2025

Deadline: October 1, 2024

Field of Study

  • Biology
  • Spanish

Program Term(s): Academic Year, Fall, Spring

Budget Sheets :

Location(s), Eligibility Requirements


  • TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain

Language of Instruction(s)

  • English
  • Spanish

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Minimum Classification

  • Sophomore

Additional Details

Program Type: TTU Center

Internship: No

Housing Options

  • Host Family

Study Abroad Advisors

  • Lanna Sheldon

Scholarship Available: Program Specific, Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship

Program Overview

Host City and Institution:

The Texas Tech University Center in Seville is located in southern Spain in the region known as Andalucia. Seville has over 700,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River which can be navigated all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Tartessians and Romans first settled the area prior to 200 B.C. and remnants of those empires as well as Moorish occupation are prevalent in structures around town. Several notable artists - Velazquez, Murillo, Valdes Leal and Martinez Montañés - left their mark on Sevilla as well. The 1929 Seville hosted the Latin American Exhibition and in 1992 hosted Expo 92. Sevilla is a modern, dynamic city as well as boasting typical Andalusian charm.

The TTU Center in Seville allows students to take catalog classes taught by Texas Tech faculty. The facility is located along the perimeter of the downtown area and has wireless as well as high speed ADSL capability. An extensive travel library is available for students to plan trips around Europe. A research library has collections of history, art, architecture and Spanish language. An informal paperback exchange library is located on site as well for participants' leisure reading needs.


Spain is located in southern Europe and is home to a myriad of cultures and traditions as diverse as the climates and foods. The country is bordered on three sides by water and offers picturesque beaches, towns perched clinging to rocky hillsides and a forum for world class water sports. Soccer is the king passion and regularly boasts world championship teams. Artists have found inspiration for painting, sculpting and writing masterpieces for centuries. The landscape lends itself to photography and pure enjoyment of the outdoors. National parks are sprinkled through the country and leisure activities abound.

About the Program:

As participants arrive in Seville, Spain, their program begins with a two day in country orientation which includes walking tours of the city and presentations by the TTU Director and staff regarding issues as housing, communication, safety, public transportation and cultural issues. At the end of the in country orientation host families meet students at the downtown hotel and take them to settle in to their new environment. Group excursions are woven into the curriculum throughout the semester. These excursions range from day outings to Córdoba, La Rábida, Itálica and Jerez to multiple day trips to Granada, Madrid and also Lisbon, Portugal. Free week ends scattered throughout the semester allow students to take advantage of further travel as they wish.

Students have Spanish tutors who meet with them for several weeks during the semester. The tutors are university students who provide hands on opportunities for language development as well as cultural adaptation to Spanish life. Upper level Spanish language students have the opportunity to do an internship as one of the academic courses.

Students arrange their own transportation to and from Seville with the help of the Seville Coordinator.

Prior language is not a prerequisite.

Courses of Study:

Students who arrive to take beginning Spanish may take Spanish 1607 during the first half of the semester then transition into the second course, Spanish 2607, at mid-semester. Upper level students take third year courses, Spanish 3000 the first half of the semester and Spanish 4000 level courses the last half of the semester. In this way, students can take 12 hours of language in one semester which fulfills the university foreign language requirement.

In addition to language classes, additional courses are offered each semester and vary. In the past, sociology, history, art appreciation, and engineering courses have also been offered in addition to language questions.

As well, other courses are offered depending on additional faculty at the TTU Center for the specific semester. The Seville Coordinator will provide specific information as available for planning purposes.



Housing and Meals:

Students live with a host family and normally one other TTU student. Host families are typical middle class families who provide cultural insight as well as linguistic help. Host families provide 3 meals each day 7 days per week, do students' laundry, provide linens and clean the bedroom weekly. Most students find the host family experience to be one of the highlights of the study abroad program. [TTU Student meets mom]

TTU Student meets her host mom

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to all eligible TTU students studying in a TTU approved program. Budgets for the approved programs are sent directly to the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor. The amount of aid available to each student varies according to the program of study. Students are encouraged to meet with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor in the Office of Financial Aid, West Hall room 301, at least 5 weeks prior to the start of the study abroad program.

Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship (SACS)

This scholarship is funded from monies collected through a four-dollar "international education fee" paid by all regularly enrolled students at Texas Tech University. Students attending TTU the semester before participating in international exchange and study abroad programs through Texas Tech or its affiliates, and International students enrolled in a degree program at TTU are eligible to apply.

There are two award periods: apply during the fall semester for the following spring or apply in the spring semester for summer/fall study. Complete applications will be reviewed by the SACS committee, who determines the recipients and amount of award. For more information, please attend one of the information sessions held several times a week prior to the scholarship deadline .


During the semester prior to participation the Seville Coordinator in Lubbock conducts  pre-departure orientation meetings. Much of the necessary paperwork is completed during these sessions. Information about housing, security, passports, student visas, semester schedule, class registration, packing and budget issues is addressed. Attendance is mandatory.

In-country orientation is handled by the staff on site in Seville as the group arrives.