Texas Tech University


“I loved the healthy balance of work and self-care that was modeled by staff and encouraged of interns. I felt challenged to improve my skills but also to take care of myself in order to be a well-rounded clinician. I found the variety of training opportunities to be a strong asset to the program. I was able to gain valuable intensive training in particular areas, as well as encouraged to try new areas of interst and to develop new programming within the center. The developmental approach to supervision prepared me to become increasingly autonomous which was critial to my early career. My internship experience was positive and motivating. I finished my internship prepared to launch my career with a sense of confidence developed through diverse experiences and superior supervision.”

“My experience was AMAZING! One of the best years of my life. Many memories made and many long-standing relationships have come out of it, which I thank you for!”

“I'm very happy that I matched with TTU SCC. I have very fond memories of my time there and the relationships that I formed. I feel that it truly did prepare me for life on the other side of the Ph.D.”

“The primary strength of the training program is the dedication of the staff to the training process. Interns are a valued component of the staff and the entire center is focused on their growth and development. There is no better atmosphere in which to solidify and enhance your training.”

“[The primary strengths of the internship are] relationships w/ certain staff members; opportunity to form relationships w/ members of my internship cohort; excellent supervision (individual, peer consultation, group); opportunities to participate in optional rotations (this helped me to market myself during the post-doc application process); availability to participate in groups; opportunities to supervise practicum students.”

Reviewed 5/2/23



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