Texas Tech University

Core Values

On September 1, 2020, the founding faculty and staff gathered with five West Texas community members to identify the core values we share and on which we want to build our RaiderVet culture. This document codifies our work. It defines who we are, how we live our lives and how we treat ourselves, others and the animals we serve.


Embrace a sense of place and collaborate toward shared goals

  • Create an environment of unity and teamwork
  • Embrace that all of us and everything we do impacts others
  • Empower, encourage and support one another to create virtuous cycles of growth
  • Recognize and celebrate individual and group contributions and achievements
  • Cherish a sense of pride and ownership in our school and mission


Do the right thing and stand by what you say

  • Be honest regardless of the outcome
  • Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards
  • Deliver on word and commitments
  • Be transparent in motive and expectations
  • Take responsibility and ownership for our actions


Be compassionate, empathetic, respectful and open-minded

  • Assume good intentions and the best of everyone
  • Listen first, then seek common ground and shared solutions
  • Acknowledge each other and communicate with courtesy
  • Create a welcoming environment where every voice counts


Thrive through determination, mettle and resilience

  • Respond constructively when faced with challenges
  • Demonstrate adaptability as situations change
  • Use critical thinking and creativity to find win-win solutions
  • Be intrepid and demonstrate a pioneering spirit
  • When you get knocked down, rise up stronger


Cultivate an inclusive, goal-oriented and creative environment

  • Foster an environment that embraces appropriate risk and innovation
  • Encourage and celebrate curiosity and creativity
  • Demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and personal development
  • Collaborate to achieve synergy
  • Challenge, motivate and empower the next generation of veterinary professionals
  • Create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to engage in entrepreneurship