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Mahmoud Salama Ahmed, PhD

Date: 4/25/2024

Topic: Metabolic Reprogramming in Obesity and Associated Metabolic Disorders

Zoom Link: https://texastech.zoom.us/j/98265820982?pwd=OU8xYmt3bVNxNXo0b2FqYy9jQWN6Zz09#success

Previous Webinar Series:

Date and Time Speaker Institution Webinar Title
4/4/2024 Indrajit Srivastava, PhD TTU DME Nanotechnology meets nature: Leveraging bioinspired nanoengineering strategies for image-guided interventions and disease diagnostics
3/14/2024 Samuel Pena-Llopis, PhD University Hospital Essen Translational Genomics in uveal melanoma and renal cell carcinoma - 3D models towards personal medicine
3/7/2024 Marcelo Schmidt & Juan Tejeda Echeverry TTU SVM Sharepoint for teams 101: Optimizing Scientific Workflows
2/29/2024 Amber Freed & Tara Bayat USP7 foundation & TTU SVM Understanding Prader-Willi, Shaaf-Yang, and Hao-Fountain Syndromes
2/22/2024 Jenny Wilkerson, PhD TTU HSC The interactions between cannabidiol and mitragynine in the attenuation of paclitaxel-induced pain