Texas Tech University

Bubbles in Food Camps

BUBBLES IN FOOD is a food science program designed for children 2 years old through seniors in high school. Activities give students hands-on experiences with food products and experiments. The science behind the activity is also presented to the student’s age appropriately. Activities range from making dippin’ dots ice cream to learning about hand-washing and cross-contamination, making silly putty, participating in taste tests and more!

Activities are held at the Department of Animal and Food Science on the Texas Tech University campus.  The Department is located at the corner of Indiana Ave and Main St. The building is across the street from the United Spirit Arena and you can see the bulls out in front of the building. Arrangements can be made to conduct the activities on site as well.

BUBBLES IN FOOD Camp activities are conducted on Thursdays and Fridays.  January, July and December are the only months we do not conduct BUBBLES IN FOOD. Please arrange for the event at least three weeks ahead of time.  For on-site activities, please arrange for the event at least four weeks ahead of time. 

In order to request a BUBBLES IN FOOD activity please fill out the registration form and return it as indicated.  You will then be contacted directly to set-up your BUBBLES IN FOOD activities.







Animal & Food Sciences