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Food Science Minor


1.    All prerequisites must be met prior to taking each course.
2.    A grade of “C” or higher is required in each course.
3.    The maximum number of transfer hours in any minor is nine (9).
4.    A student may not minor within his/her department.
5.    Courses in a major, but outside a student’s department, may be used in a minor.
6.   Minors will consist of a minimum of 18 hours.
7.    At least nine (9) hours in a minor must consist of upper division courses.

Required Courses (9 hours):

FDSC 2300, Principles of Food Technology
FDSC 2302, Elementary Analysis of Foods
FDSC 3303, Food Sanitation, or FDSC 3309, Food Safety     

Electives (9 hours):

Select nine (9) hours from the following:

FDSC 3301, Food Microbiology
FDSC 3302, Advanced Food Analysis
FDSC 3304, Fruit and Vegetable Processing
FDSC 3305, Food Engineering
FDSC 4001, Food Science Problems
FDSC 4303, Food Chemistry
FDSC 4304, Field Studies in Food Processing and Handling
FDSC 4306, Dairy Products Manufacturing
FDSC 4307, Poultry Processing or Products