Texas Tech University

Darby Gonzales

  • Expected Graduation: May 2017, Pre-Med Option
  • Classification: Freshman
  • Hometown: Hondo, TX

Why did you decide to come to Texas Tech University?

"Out of all of my college choices, Texas Tech was by far the most welcoming and just felt like home even though it is seven hours from where I previously lived. Choosing a college can definitely be an overwhelming process, but once I visited Tech I knew I wouldn't be as happy anywhere else. With a great education system, helpful people, and amazing school spirit, there is no better place to be than Texas Tech!"

What are your future career goals?

"After receiving my undergraduate degree and finishing medical school, I have high aspirations to pursue a career in anesthesiology."

What is your advice to high school students interested in this field of study?

"For anyone interested in the field of medicine, just know that you have more options than to major in biology or biochemistry. People are always interested in why I chose to major in animal science when I want to get a degree in human medicine, and I always reply by saying that my local doctor majored in theatre! So find something your passionate about, and see if that major has the prerequisites for your career plan, because while college is definitely about getting an education, you want to have fun while you're doing it!"

What is your favorite part of Texas Tech?

"It's so difficult to choose just one thing I love about Tech, but one thing that has really surprised me positively in my short time here so far is the quality of people. I have made tons of new friends here and love all the staff that I have encountered. Everyone in Lubbock, from professors and counselors to administrators and students, is so friendly and are willing to help you with anything you might need, which is especially helpful when you are a freshman going into a new and unfamiliar place. I am proud to be able to call myself a Texas Tech Red Raider."

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