Texas Tech University

Brittany Thompson

  • Graduation: May 2013, Pre-Vet Option
  • Classification: 1VM, Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Hometown: Allen, Texas

Why did you decide to come to Texas Tech University?

"I ended up at Texas Tech for multiple reasons. However, the one that stands out above the rest was the feeling of community. When I visited during my senior year of high school, I was impressed by how friendly and supportive everyone was. I had visited other universities where the department I was interested in didn't even acknowledge my presence, but at Texas Tech, the faculty and staff went the extra step to show me how easily I would be able to find my place in Lubbock."

Describe your educational experience in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences?

"I think the biggest compliment I can give to the faculty in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences is that the information and techniques they taught me during undergraduate are very applicable and realistic in life. From my production based classes, I was given the opportunity to learn about industries as they operate, and how I can contribute to them in the future. In addition, my science based classes did a great job of preparing me for the rigor and detail oriented nature of the classes I am now taking in vet school. Whether you are on a pre-vet track or not, this department will enable you to leave Texas Tech with a degree that will prepare you for life."

What is your advice to potential students interested in this field of study?

"I honestly believe there is nothing more worthy of study than agriculture. If you want to go into veterinary medicine, I advise that you work hard and keep your grades up, but also try to learn as much as you can about the food animal industry as a whole. Being able to keep an eye on the big picture as you go into your career will help you keep in touch with your future clients' needs. Also, get as much hands on experience as you can. Dr. Ryan Rathmann's beef production course, in addition to others, provides students that have never handled cattle before the opportunity to learn some basic herd health management skills that are essential to any beef cattle operation."

What was your favorite part of Texas Tech?

"My favorite part of Texas Tech was my department. The Department of Animal and Food Sciences is filled with the hardest working, most caring people that I have ever met - faculty, staff, and students. I can't imagine if I would have had to go through my college experience without them."

For more information about the Department of Animal and Food Sciences' undergraduate degree plans, please contact Kayla Rathmann at kayla.rathmann@ttu.edu.

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