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"Excellent Service, Excellent Stewardship"

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Mission Statement

Operations Division provides building and service environments conducive to achieving the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, and public service activities while meeting our own needs for well-being and professional development.

Vision Statement

Texas Tech University Operations Division will be recognized both within the University and externally as an efficient and effective organization that achieves the highest standard of excellence in every endeavor.

Pigeon Population

In the News

"Walking across the Texas Tech campus, it is difficult for students to get more than a couple of yards without encountering pigeons or pigeon droppings, an issue that poses a significant financial burden for the university.

To solve this problem, the university's Operations Division has partnered with Tech faculty to implement research-based, innovative solutions to reduce the pigeon population, including pigeon birth control... Sean Childers, assistant vice president for operations, brought up the pigeon difficulties on campus during a meeting."

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Operations Division