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Scott L. Baugh

Scott L. Baugh specializes in film/media studies with emphases in Chicana/o/x & Latina/o/x cinema and Latin American cultural studies. He is the author of Y Tu Mamá También: Mythologies of Youth (Routledge, 2019/2020) and Latino American Cinema (Greenwood, 2012), the co-editor with Victor A. Sorell of Born of Resistance: Cara a Cara Encounters with Chicana/o Visual Culture (U of Arizona P, 2016), and the editor of Mediating Chicana/o Culture: Multicultural American Vernacular (Cambridge Scholars P, second edition, 2008). His current research projects include a collection of writing by and about luminary Chicano experimental artist Willie Varela and a study of contemporary Latin American media culture, cinema, and manifestoes.

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University


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NHC-National Humanities Center (Durham, NC), Summer Resident Fellowship, 2018.

Lawrence Schovanec Teaching Academy Fellowship, TTU, 2016.

SCMLA-South Central Modern Language Association, Faculty Research Award, 2015-2016.

TTU Libraries Lyerla Travel Grant, for archival research in 2016, Stanford University Library's Special Collection.

PCA/ACA-Popular Culture/American Culture Associations' Marshall Fishwick Research Grant, 2008.

American Historical Association - Film & History League's Scholarly Editing Award (for Film & History [34.1 (2004)] speical issue on Latin American film history) with Mike Schoenecke. 2004.

Support of Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity in the Arts and Humanities," Vice President for Research, TTU, "Project Grant Proposal: Mitoteando con Media: Revolutions in Chicana/Chicano Video Art" - for archival research in 2006, Video Data Bank, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

"Visiting Scholar Fellowship," Centro de Estudios Americanos/Center for American Studies, Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila/Autonomous University of Coahuila, Saltillo, Coahuila, MX - for workshop at the Center of American Studies and archival research at the School of Arts, Autonomous University of Coahuila in 20[??]


Film & Media Studies

Email: scott.baugh@ttu.edu