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Fareed Ben-Youssef

Dr. Fareed Ben-Youssef is an Assistant Professor in Film & Media at Texas Tech University. He earned his PhD in Film and Media from the University of California, Berkeley. His first project, No Jurisdiction: The Law and Post-9/11 Genre Film, reveals and wrestles with genre's multivalent purpose as a tool to normalize state violence and as a potential mode of human rights critique. His work on global cinema has appeared in journals such as The Journal of Popular Culture and Southwestern American Literature. As part of his efforts to teach outside the classroom, Ben-Youssef has also organized myriad university film series and hosted master classes with award-winning directors such as Ari Folman and Ryûsuke Hamaguchi.

PhD University of California, Berkeley



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Assistant Professor
Film & Media Studies

Email: fbenyous@ttu.edu