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Min-Joo Kim

Dr. Kim specializes in theoretical syntax, semantics, and their interface. She also has secondary research interests and expertise in language acquisition, pragmatics, and grammaticalization. She has worked on various linguistic phenomena including Noun Modification, E-type Anaphora, Existential Sentences, Free Choice, Implicature, Aspect, and Evidentiality. She has over 30 publications including four books (e.g., The Syntax and Semantics of Noun Modifiers and the Theory of Universal Grammar, 2019, Springer), and her work has appeared in prestigious journals like Linguistic Inquiry, Studies in Language, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Natural Language Semantics, the Journal of English Linguistics, Language Research, and the Journal of Cognitive Science. She is TTU's 2019 Integrated Scholar and Recipient of the 2021 President's Faculty Book Award. She served as Director of Linguistics at TTU for over 10 years. And she has served her discipline in numerous ways including as Associate Editor for the high-impact Open Access journal Glossa: a journal of general linguistics

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Website: http://webpages.acs.ttu.edu/minjkim 

Selected Publications


2019 - The Syntax and Semantics of Noun Modifiers and the Theory of Universal Grammar: A Korean Perspective. Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (SNLT) Series, Vol. 96. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature (321 pages).

Journal Articles

2022 - That's a Curious Copular Construction You Have There!. Linguistic Inquiry 53(1): 168-181.       

2016 - The “Imperfective” in Attributive Clauses in Korean as a Window into the Evidential Past and the Metaphysical Future. Studies in Language 40(2): 340-379.

2013 - Temporal Marking in Korean Attributive Clauses and Linguistic Encoding of Human Memory. Journal of Cognitive Science 14(1): 77-109.

2011 - The Meaning of Utterance-Final EVEN. Journal of English Linguistics 39(1): 36-64 (with Nathan Jahnke; Kim as the first author).

2009 - E-Type Anaphora and Three Types of Kes-Construction in Korean. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 27(2): 345-377.

2008 - Relevance of Grammar and Pragmatics to the Relevancy Condition. Language Research 44(1): 95-120.

2007 - Formal Linking in Internally Headed Relatives. Natural Language Semantics 15(4): 279-315.

Selected Awards and Honors

2022 - C. L. Baker Award (nominee), Linguistic Society of America 

2021 - President's Faculty Book Award, TTU

2019 - Integrated Scholar Designation, TTU

2019 - Outstanding Faculty Research Award (Inaugural Recipient), Department of English, TTU

2018 - National Humanities Center Summer Residency Fellowship


Professor of Linguistics
Linguistics (Syntax, Semantics)

Email: min-joo.kim@ttu.edu