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Jason Tham

Dr. Tham's research interests include design thinking, user experience (UX) & usability studies, collaboration, multimodality, and technical communication pedagogy. He is currently editing an open-access collection on keywords and concepts in maker culture and design thinking. He is also co-authoring a book on UX writing that features content strategy workflow and design thinking methods. 

Pronouns: he/they

PhD University of Minnesota
Website: www.jasontham.com


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Tham, J. (2018). Interactivity in an age of immersive media: Seven dimensions for wearable technology, internet of things, and technical communication. Technical Communication, 65(1), 46-65. (Winner of Frank R. Smith Best Article Award)


Undergraduate and graduate courses in UX research, information & document design, instructional design, online publishing, web design, interaction design, and digital rhetoric  


Vice President, Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Mentor, TTU McNair Scholars Program 

International Research Partner, Digital Life Institute. Ontario Tech University.

Book Review Editor, Composition Studies 

Editorial Board Member, Computers and Composition; IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication; Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy; Xchanges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum

2020 Faculty Research Award, Department of English, TTU. 

2020 Hermann's Lecture Series, Invited Speaker, University of Texas at Arlington.

2020 NCTE/CCCC Emergent Researcher Award.

2019 SIGDOC Career Advancement Research Award.

2019 Frank R. Smith Outstanding Article in Technical Communication. Society for Technical Communication.

2019 Research Grant. Council of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.


Faculty Sponsor & Advisor, TTU Society for Technical Communication Student Chapter

Co-Advisor, Raider UI/UX, a student club for user experience designers and researchers 


Associate Professor
Technical Communication & Rhetoric

Email: jason.tham@ttu.edu
Office: 363D