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Book History & Digital Humanities


Book history --- also called the history of the book --- studies the creation, production, circulation, and reception of texts in the broadest possible definition, from oral, written, and printed texts to contemporary forms of visual and digital media. This field includes consideration of the social, cultural, economic, and political history of these different types of texts and considers the various actors and agents at various stages, including authors, printers, binders, publishers, booksellers, readers, and the like.

Digital humanities, in its broadest definition, simply means using digital resources to carry out or to present research in any field of the humanities. Such scholarship in the field of English can include many types of work, including building a digital collection or archive; creating a database; performing textual analysis with Python, R, or similar coding languages; data visualization; and much more.

Students in English at TTU have many opportunities to work in these exciting fields. They can take courses in book history, digital humanities, media studies, and appropriate literary periods and subjects; not only do we offer courses specifically in book history and digital humanities, but many of our other course offerings use these approaches as part of their study of specific periods. Students can also specialize in these field by completing the Graduate Certificate in Book History and Digital Humanities as part of their coursework.

Students also have access to the Special Collections Library at TTU as well as the department's Letterpress Studio, Media Lab, and Digital Humanities Lab. The Tech Book History Club also offers regular opportunities to do book history outside of the classroom, with regular get-togethers including learning to marble paper, make quill pens, and bind books.



For more information about Book History and Digital Humanites at TTU:
Dr. Marta Kvande

For more information about the Tech Book History Club:
Kristina Lewis, Club President