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Book History & Digital Humanities

Book History examines the creation, production, distribution, and reception of “texts,” from oral, written, and printed texts to contemporary forms of visual and digital media. Book history examines the social, cultural, economic, and political history of different types of "texts," considering the various actors in their creation, production, circulation, and reception.

Students pursuing study in book history will have the chance to take courses in book history, digital humanities, media studies, and appropriate literary periods and subjects. Students will have access to Special Collections Library at TTU, and the department's Letterpress Studio, Media Lab, and book history classroom. The department also has significant digital humanities resources for students, and faculty regularly teach graduate courses that include digital humanities pedagogy and projects.

To pursue study in book history and digital humanities, MA students may takes as many as 15 hours of coursework in such areas. PhD students must take at least 18 hours or more of coursework in order to specialize in the field. Graduate students at any level can pursue a certificate in book history and digital humanities. Students enrolled in the certificate take 15 credit hours' worth of courses. Of those, six hours come from the book history and digital humanities core, and the remaining nine hours from electives, in consultation with the certificate director. For more information, please see the certificate requirements.

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Dr. Marta Kvande
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