Texas Tech University

Current and Recent Courses

Courses in 18th-century British literature

  • Making the Novel in the Long Eighteenth Century,  Kvande
  • Eighteenth-Century Women Novelists, Kvande
  • Selling Novels and "The Novel" in the Eighteenth Century,  Kvande

Courses in 19th-century British literature

  • Romanticism and Social Justice, Purinton
  • Victorian Science Fiction & Fantasy: Steampunk Past and Present,  Rukavina
  • Romantic Ghosts and Grotesques,  Purinton
  • British Romantic Drama, Purinton
  • British Literature and Science,  Clarke

Courses in 20th-century British literature

  • Yeats and Auden,  Wenthe
  • World War I,  Shelton
  • Studies in Poetry: Yeats and H.D.,  Wenthe
  • Studies in Fiction: James Joyce,  Shelton
  • British Modernist Novels, Clarke
  • Twentieth-century British Poetry: Hardy and Others,  Wenthe