Texas Tech University

Resources for Study

The Department of English and other units within the university supply exceptional resources for those wishing to study Literature, Social Justice, and Environment.

Students will have access to the Sowell Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World, one of the nation's finest repositories of contemporary natural history, nature writing, and environmental literature. This collection holds the papers of Barry Lopez, Gretel Ehrlich, Rick Bass, Max Crawford, William Kittredge, David Quammen, Bill McKibben, Annick Smith, Pattiann Rogers, Walter McDonald, Doug Peacock, David James Duncan, and others. Students may also have the opportunity to work directly with Barry Lopez, a Visiting Distinguished Scholar at Texas Tech. Mr. Lopez has brought exhibits to the University's art gallery, and he has also taught workshops during his twice-annual visits to campus, when he meets with students in a wide range of disciplines.

Besides these literary resources, Texas Tech is also home to the National Ranching Heritage Center, an outstanding facility for the historical study of the American southwest, and to several research groups investigating problems of water use and arid land. Lubbock, TX is home to the American Wind Power Center, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to interpret the relations of humans, the environment and technology.

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