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Film & Media Studies

Film reelThe Interdisciplinary Minor in Film and Media Studies allows students to focus on the history and criticism of film and media. Student take courses in multiple disciplines, including anthropology, English, history, philosophy, and psychology, making the minor complementary to many majors. The interdisciplinary minor in Film and Media Studies allows students to learn about the cinema cultures of many countries and language groups, and it offers the freedom to explore such questions as the role of media in historical and social change, issues of media preservation, the relationship between technology and artistic expression, media's relationship to cognition, and the study of media as a means of appreciating cultural diversity. Most of the courses focus on film, but courses in other media such as television, radio, photography, sound recording, video games, digital art, or the study of media industries, can also apply to the Minor.

Students should consult with the director, Dr. Allison Whitney, concerning course selection and progress toward the minor.


The Minor requires 18 hours of coursework, and courses must be selected from at least 3 different departments. The College of Arts and Sciences requires that at least 6 hours be from upper division (Junior or Senior level) courses.

When courses not listed include substantial film and media content, students may petition to have those courses count toward the Minor. For example, many departments offer occasional “topics” courses that may include a film and media focus. Students should discuss such cases with the director as early as possible in the semester.

Required Courses

Choose at least two of the following, for a minimum of 6 hours. Students may repeat 3312, 3313, 3388, and 4315 provided it is on a different topic.

Department Course Number Course Title
English 2388 Introduction to Film
English 3312 Film and Media History
English 3313 Film and Media Studies Topics
English 3388 Film Genres
English 4315 Topics in Film


Choose up to 4 courses, for 12 hours.

Department Course Number Course Title
Anthropology 2306 Anthropology at the Movies
Classical and Modern Languages 2306 Introduction to World Cinema
French 4308 French and Francophone Culture Through Film
German 2312 The Holocaust in Literature and Film
History 3320 History of Film and American Society
History 4310 United States Foreign Relations Through Film
Italian 2315 Italian Filmmakers
Italian 3390 Italian Cinema
Philosophy 3342 Philosophy and Film
Spanish 3391 Hispanic Film in Translation

Provisional Courses

These courses may count toward the Minor in semesters when students complete at least one major assignment on a film and media topic. Students must discuss this option with both the instructor and the director as early as possible in the semester. If approved, students must provide documentation to the director, including the syllabus, a note from the instructor, and the assignment itself.

Department Course Number Course Title
Arabic 3305 Introduction to Arab-Muslim Civilization
Psychology 3301 An Introduction to the Psychology of the Arts
Slavistics 2301 The Vampire in East European and Western Culture
Spanish 4332

Civilización Hispánica: Hispanic Civilization

Spanish 4337 Cultural Topics-Hispanic World
English 4390 Internship in English