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Intersession in Italy Sponsored by CEA

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Terms, Dates & Field of Study

Term: Intersession

Deadline: October 1, 2021

Term: Intersession

Deadline: October 1, 2021

Field of Study

  • Communication Studies
  • Italian
  • Mass Media & Communications

Program Term(s): Intersession

Budget Sheets :

Location(s), Eligibility Requirements


  • Florence, Italy

Language of Instruction(s)

  • English

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Minimum Classification

  • Sophomore

Additional Requirements

  • COVID-19 vaccination required by program

Additional Details

Program Type: Affiliate Program

Website Link: https://www.ceastudyabroad.com/program/program-details/j-term-in-italy-942/spring-2022-j-term-14421

Housing Options

  • Apartment

Study Abroad Advisors

  • Allison Wright (ENGR)
  • Andrea Nowak

Scholarship Available: Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship

Program Overview

COVID-19 Vaccination Required

While Texas Tech does not require COVID-19 vaccination to participate on a study abroad program, some programs, host countries and/or regions do require vaccination. This program requires vaccination in order to participate. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with all program, host country, and/or regional vaccination regulations. Failure to comply with vaccination regulations may result in, but is not limited to, financial penalty, denial of entry into the country and/or region, and/or dismissal from the program.

Intersession in Italy
Florence, Italy
Terms Available:
Sponsored by Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)

This program offers two courses which students can choose from: 
Transfer Course
Transfer Course Title
Texas Tech Course
TTU Core
Univ. New Haven
Communication and Global Competence
MCOM 2350
Univ. New Haven
The Culture of Food and Wine in Italy
Work with your Academic Advisor to identify what courses you should take on your study abroad program. You should utilize the
Transfer Equivalency Office (TEO) website to review courses that are already approved. 

Instructions for Using the TEO Website
1. Visit the
TEO website.
2. Select the appropriate nation from the drop down. For this program, please select United States.
3. Select the appropriate institution from the drop down. For this program, please select University New Haven.
4. Courses that have already been evaluated will appear. Use the toggle at the bottom of the webpage to view more courses, if available.
5. If you are not interested in taking courses that are already approved, visit with your Study Abroad Counselor/Program Manager. Your Counselor/Program Manager will request syllabi for courses in which you are interested.

Please note the course equivalency review process can take time, so please be patient. After all courses have been evaluated, your Study Abroad Counselor/Program Manager will send your Credit Pre-Approval Form to your Academic Advisor for approval.

Credit & Grade Conversion Guide
Academic credit and grades will be converted to TTU credit based an official scale. Credit conversions and grades from your study abroad program cannot be changed. If you have any questions, please contact the Study Abroad Credit Coordinator. To see the academic credit conversion scale for your country, please visit the
TTU Study Abroad Credit Conversion site and find your country. To see the grade conversion scale for your country, please visit the TTU Study Abroad Grade Conversion site and find your university.

Multicultural Credit
If you need to complete your Multicultural Core, you can obtain this credit in one of two ways:
Global Scholar Certificate
• Take a course that is equivalent to a TTU Multicultural course

• Students planning to study abroad on this program must have their courses pre-approved before studying abroad. Your Study Abroad Counselor/Program Manager will start this process for you.
• Students must discuss their plans with their Academic Advisor to determine which courses meet the requirements for their degree plan.
• Failure to take pre-approved courses may result in a loss of academic credit. You must send your Study Abroad Counselor/Program Manager your finalized course schedule after your courses begin.
• You must also request an official transcript be sent to the Study Abroad Credit Coordinator. Under no circumstances will a hand-carried or student copy be accepted.
• You may be required to bring textbooks, syllabi, class notes, special projects, tests, and papers written for each class back to TTU. For Art classes this may include paintings, ceramics, pictures, or jewelry.
• You must stay enrolled in all courses for the duration of the program.
• After acceptance to this program you will be enrolled into a placeholder course by your Study Abroad Counselor/Program Manager. This placeholder course tells TTU you are still a student while you are studying away from campus. You must stay enrolled in this course for the duration of your program.

Funding & Finances

Scholarships are available through various Colleges and departments at TTU and include examples such as the
Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship. Visit the scholarships webpage as well as the Easy Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships to learn more.

Scholarships are also available through the program, in this case, Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA). Review
Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) scholarships for even more funding opportunities.

Financial Aid
Did you know that 97% of TTU financial aid travels abroad?! Learn more by visiting the
study abroad financial aid webpage.

Helpful Links
The process of paying for study abroad
Withdrawal and refund policy

Identify & Life Abroad
Studying abroad can be one of the most transformative experiences of your college career. It is an opportunity to develop academically, personally and professionally. Entering a new culture can be challenging for everyone. The Study Abroad Office is committed to supporting your international experiences, regardless of your identity. Please review the
identity abroad section of our website for additional information.

What Comes Next?
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