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Religion & Spirituality

Students who study abroad often discover varying levels of commitment to religion in other countries, which can lead to a better understanding of their own notions about religion and spirituality.


Study Abroad encourages all students to consider building study abroad into their degree plan at Texas Tech University. We welcome students of all belief systems who meet TTU Study Abroad eligibility requirements to participate in our programs. Spirituality and religion play an important role in many of our students' lives and in the lives of many host community members. By experiencing another culture, study abroad students have the opportunity to develop a multi-dimensional understanding of and respect for religious traditions and beliefs that differ from their own.

It is a good idea to research religion in your host country before you study abroad to find out the role it plays in society as well as what degree of religious tolerance exists. Maybe you are accustomed to being part of the religious majority at home but will be part of the religious minority while living abroad. Will it be safe for you to wear religious symbols and/or clothing? How are atheists perceived? By going abroad, you'll gain a new perspective on religion and return home more familiar with other belief systems.

Things to Consider

Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the best time for you to study abroad.

Include your family in the planning process so they understand how study abroad can benefit your goals and interests. Encourage your family to review the Parents, Guardians & Mentors section of the TTU Study Abroad website for more information.

Talk to your TTU Study Abroad Counselor about which program(s) would best meet your needs. 

Learn about your financing options and how to utilize financial aid and scholarships for study abroad.

Consider ways to make your international experience even more impactful. Think about incorporating an international internship, research project or service-learning into your international program. These unique opportunities will help you develop important contacts and skills for your future career.

Take ownership of the process! We understand the study abroad planning process will include many steps. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Be sure to keep track of application deadlines, funding opportunities, and program requirements.

TTU Campus Lists of Resources

How TTU Study Abroad Can Assist

In addition to advising first generation students of their study abroad and funding opportunities, the TTU Study Abroad staff members are committed to do the following:

Speak with a Study Abroad Counselor

Do you or your family have any concerns related to study abroad? Your Study Abroad Counselor can assist with your questions, like:

  • What is the dominant religion in my host country?
  • Can I be connected with students and alumni with similar identities as me?
  • What on-campus support and resources will I have access to overseas?
  • How will study abroad help me reach my academic, personal and professional goals?
  • Will my TTU financial aid and scholarships count towards my study abroad program?
  • What laws, if any, are there regarding religion?
  • What impact can going abroad have on my future career path?
  • How tolerant is the host country of other religions?
  • Is there active discrimination against my religion in the country I am traveling to?
  • Is it safe for me to display my religion affiliation in a prominent way? (i.e. symbols or clothing)
  • Will I have access to necessary food resources in order to eat according to my beliefs?

Schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Counselor.