Texas Tech University

Returning to TTU

Welcome Back, Study Abroad Alumni!

Congratulations on completing your study abroad program! We sincerely hope that your international experience was intellectually inspiring and personally transformative, and we are excited to have you back on campus. Now that you are in the U.S., you won't want to miss out on upcoming events and opportunities.

Texas Tech also recognizes that returning to the U.S. after an impactful experience abroad can sometimes be more difficult than leaving in the first place. Many students experience what is called “reverse culture shock”. There are lots of resources on campus that can help you, and scheduling a welcome back appointment with your Study Abroad Advisor may be a good place to start. You can also visit the TTU Student Counseling Center to speak confidentially with a licensed professional or battle reverse culture shock by getting involved on campus.

Keep reading for more resources and information for returned study abroad students, including how to connect with the different student organizations that may be able to offer support during your transition back to Lubbock as you continue making meaning of your experiences abroad.