Texas Tech University

Digital Content Publication Policies

Texas Tech University Libraries makes digital content accessible in the following situations:

  • Texas Tech University has permission to make them accessible;
  • The rights are owned by Texas Tech University;
  • The content is in the public domain;
  • There are no known restrictions on use;


  • The Libraries makes the content accessible for educational and research purposes as a legal fair use.

We have made the best effort to adhere to all known copyright and rights of privacy, publicity, or trademark of material, but due to the nature of archival and digital academic collections, we are not always able to identify this information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners or concerned contributors so that we may obtain accurate information.

Removal or Restriction/Embargo of Items

Requests for removal should be directed to the Digital Scholarship Librarian and should include the name and URL of the item(s) to be removed, the reason for removal, and the explanation of any claims to rights for the materials. Materials previously deposited into ThinkTech, including theses and dissertations, may be removed or restricted at the request of the creator(s), contributor(s), or other individuals holding rights to the materials. Upon request, we might remove content from public view while we address rights issues. The Digital Scholarship Librarian will, in some cases, work in consultation with Libraries faculty and other appropriate members of the campus community to review the request for removal for just cause. Upon determination of just cause, the item(s) in question will be removed from public view within ThinkTech until the request is resolved.






Contact Us!

 Office hours by appointment only.

Joy Perrin
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Phone: (806) 834-3694
Email: Joy.M.Perrin@ttu.edu

Shelley Barba
Digital Scholarship Librarian
Phone: (806) 834-2283
Email: Shelley.Barba@ttu.edu

Heidi Winkler
Digital Services Librarian
Phone: (806) 834-1304
Email: Heidi.Winkler@ttu.edu

Matt McEniry
Director of Digital Scholarship Lab
Phone: (806) 834-2688
Email: Matthew.McEniry@ttu.edu