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Digital Services

Texas Tech University Libraries provides support for the publication and dissemination of scholarship from the Texas Tech Community through the digitization, publication, and preservation of the community's scholarly outputs, from electronic theses and dissertations to datasets; support for increased access to TTU research, both through our institutional repository, ThinkTech, and through support for local Open Access Journals; and, in line with university-wide initiatives on increasing student affordability, the creation of affordable digital textbooks for adoption in Texas Tech classrooms.

Research Data Management Services

Enhance your research data with our Data Management Services. The librarians of the Data Management Team are available to assist faculty and student researchers with the management and preservation of research data. We can also assist in finding and acquiring external data for your work. The library offers data management plan consultations for faculty and students as they prepare grant proposals.

Every member of the TTU community has access to the Texas Data Repository and the Dryad Digital Repository. Both these repositories are platforms for preserving and archiving research data and making them discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. For more information, please contact Associate  Librarian, Matt McEniry.

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Digital Scholarship Lab

The Digital Scholarship Lab supports the Texas Tech University community by transforming traditional scholarship such as teaching, research, and primary archival records into diverse digital resources through imaging technologies and new media. The lab provides digital asset management, digital preservation, digitization services, opportunities to learn about digital scholarship, training and education for data management, and tutorials for research repository services (TTU Dataverse Collection & Dryad).

Digital Humanities

The digital humanities represent the intersection of traditional humanities research and digital- or computer-based technologies. If you would like a consultation on your digital humanities project, please contact Digital Scholarship Librarian, Shelley Barba or Digital Services Librarian, Heidi Winkler.

Digital Repositories

A digital repository is a collection of online resources. The digital institutional repository, ThinkTech, is an online publishing and archival service for the Texas Tech University community that scholars may use to distribute and archive their scholarly works with no limitations on content or format. ThinkTech also provides access to materials that traditional publications cannot. The TTU electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) collection can be found in ThinkTech. If you have questions about your thesis or dissertation once you graduate, please contact Shelley Barba.

The digital collections are a repository of digitized books and primary sources designed to be used for research. The Texas Tech University Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library also curates digital archival collections of a number of their holdings.









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Shelley Barba
Digital Scholarship Librarian
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Heidi Winkler
Digital Services Librarian
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Matt McEniry
Director of Digital Scholarship Lab
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