Texas Tech University

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Through individualized service, the Texas Tech University Libraries connect users with resources that advance intellectual inquiry and discovery.

Vision Statement

Texas Tech University Libraries will have the resources necessary to offer uncompromising service; be a research library of international stature; magnify the reputation of the university and the value of education; be a key component in the intellectual life of the University.

Our Values


We value lifetime learning for our patrons and for ourselves.


We believe that effective user service is our most important priority. We provide service with integrity to all our patrons. We strive continuously to improve our products and services and to meet the evolving needs of teaching and learning, research and service for Texas Tech and surrounding communities. We develop new services and incorporate changing technologies while focusing on the needs of the user. We strive for excellence in service, management, and presentation.


We realize that the Libraries have been entrusted with extensive resources and strive to use those resources wisely to fulfill our mission. We believe that the wise management of resources, in concert with our other values, allows us to provide our patrons with what they want.


We work together to provide information solutions and to accomplish our mission. We seek partnerships within the campus and surrounding communities that strengthen our service goals and enhance our ability to serve. We strive to meet the challenges of a constantly changing academic and information environment, through innovative thinking and flexibility. We understand that successful change involves training, financial resources, and teamwork.

Mutual Respect

We value the contribution of every person's time and ideas. We accept the responsibility for our relationships with others and strive to maintain their integrity. We discuss ideas in an open, non-threatening environment. We take responsibility for expressing our concerns and ideas. We recognize each other for giving help and for a job well done. We practice teamwork. We take responsibility for our actions.


We embrace innovative approaches and responses to articulated and unarticulated service needs. We welcome innovation and adapt to change. We exercise integrity in the moment of choice. We support services and programs that foster successful change.