Texas Tech University


image/svg+xml Quiet Floor Study Area Group Study/GroupWorks Group Study Carrel Individual Study Carrel Public Computer Service Desk Personal Librarians Printer Copier Scanner Charging Kiosk Raidercash Station Restroom Feature Floors S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 Basement, Ground, DMS, Mezzanine, S5 Ground, S2, S4, S5 S1, S2, S3 S1, S2, S3 Ground, DMS (iMac), Mezzanine Ground, DMS Mezzanine Basement, Ground, DMS, Mezzanine Ground Basement, Ground Basement, Ground, DMS, S5 Ground Basement, Ground, DMS, ADM, S1, S3, S5 Call Numbers A - GV H - LT M - PS 2999 PS 3000 - QL QM - Z Locations S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Architecture Library University Library Southwest Collection The Southwest collection houses a gallery along the north side of the building displaying the Southwest Collection, as well as other units of the University Library, which have offices in the facility. Those offices include the University Archives, the Archive of the Vietnam Conflict, and the Library's Rare Books Collection. Additionally, the facility is the home for editorial offices of the West Texas Historical Association and its annual yearbook. Behind the offices are the non-public areas of the facility where documents and materials are processed. The building also has a second floor, which houses the stacks area. Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC) Additionally, there is no wheelchair access between sides in the basement. The map below demonstrates the structure of the library building. Mouse over the selector below to see spaces, devices, features, and services on each floor. You can also click each floor to see detailed floor plans. The Architecture Library is located on the 8th and 9th floor of the Architecture building. Entry and exit of the library is located on the 9th floor. There is no entrance or exit from the 8th Floor, nor wheelchair access between either floor. The Texas Tech University Library is a multi-level building housing a variety of facilities. Above ground, the Library has 3 floors on its east side and 7 floors on its west. The basement is unique, as only the eastern potion is managed by the University Libraries. The western section, the , is managed by TTU IT Technology Support. Each of the two sides of the library are serviced by their own elevators, catering to either the eastern or western half. There is no way to cross between sides above the Ground Floor. Patrons in need of accessibility accommodation should speak to a staff member at the 9th floor service desk. S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 MEZ GROUND B ADM DMS ATLC Library Building Structure University Library Map Map Southwest Collection Map / Special Collections Architecture Library 2nd Floor East – Digital Media Studio 3D Animation Lab Cell Phone Charging Kiosk East Elevators Printer (Color) Public Computers (iMacs) Restrooms Service Desk Popular Collection o CDs & DVDs 3rd Floor East – Administrative Suite East Elevators Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism Restrooms Room 309 TTU Chess Program Basement Arts Research Collaboratory (Rm 001) Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC) Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Crossroads Recording Studio (Rm 13a) East Elevators Emergency Exits Microform Readers Printers (B&W) Restrooms Scanner Study Areas West Elevators Popular Collection o Government Documents o Maps o Microforms o Periodicals Ground Floor ADA Station AED ATM Bloomberg Terminal Book Drop Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Copiers Croslin Center & Croslin South Document Delivery (Rm 130) East Elevators Emergency Exits eRaider Account Manager GroupWorks Instruction Lab (Rm 150) Laptop Kiosk MakerSpace (Rm 132) Printers (B&W, Color) Public Computers RaiderCash Stored Value Station Restrooms Sam's Express Scanners Service Desks Study Areas TLPDC Vending Machines West Elevators Mezzanine Personal Librarians Printer (Color) Public Computers Study Areas West Elevators 1st Stacks Floor (Quiet) Emergency Exits Group Study Carrels Individual Study Carrels Open Individual Study Carrels Restrooms West Elevators Popular Collections o BF – Psychology o D – World History o G-GA – Geography o GE – Environmental Science o GF-GN – Anthropology 2nd Stacks Floor (Quiet) Emergency Exits Group Study Carrels Individual Study Carrels Open Individual Study Carrels West Elevators Popular Collections o H – Economics / Business o K – Political Science o L – Education 3rd Stacks Floor (Quiet) Emergency Exits Group Study Carrels Individual Study Carrels Open Individual Study Carrels Restrooms West Elevators Popular Collections o M – Music / Dancing o N – Fine Arts o PE – English Language o PN – Literature (General) o PS – American Literature 4th Stacks Floor (Quiet) Emergency Exits Group Study Rooms West Elevators Popular Collections o PS – American Literature o QA – Mathematics o QC – Physics o QD – Chemistry o QE – Geology 5th Stacks Floor (Quiet) AED Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Emergency Exits Group Study Rooms Restrooms Study Areas West Elevators Popular Collections o QM – Human Anatomy o R – Medicine / Nursing o S – Agriculture o T – Technology o U – Military Science