Texas Tech University

Disability Resources

Texas Tech University Libraries are committed to the principle that there shall be no difference in the treatment of persons because of race, creed, national origin, age, sex or disability and that equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all. This guide describes a number of services that the Libraries provide users who have disabilities. If there are any questions about these services, or if other assistance is needed, please contact the service desk at (806) 742-2265.


Available Equipment

The University Library has two specially-equipped workstations.  These workstations are located on the first floor of the Library and provide the following hardware and software:

  • OpenBook 9.0 (speech synthesis software, can also read text from scanned files)
  • DBT 12.2 (translates text into Braille and vice versa)
  • Screen magnification and screen narrating software available in Windows 7
  • Attached scanner
  • Attached Braille embosser
  • Windows 10 1903 and all accessibility features available natively with it
  • Index Basic-D V5 braille embosser with acoustic hood
  • JAWS 17 (screen reading software)

Research Services

Librarians are available to help patrons find information, books, journal articles and other research materials. The Personal Librarians specialize in the resources of specific subject areas covering academic disciplines, majors, and departments. Any patron may request a consultation. Students with special needs may find this service especially helpful. Visit the service desk or call (806) 742-2265 and ask to speak with Donell Callender or email her at donell.callender@ttu.edu.

Library Instruction

Orientation to the Library and its services, resources, and equipment are provided. A basic introduction is offered to both groups and individuals in the use of adaptive equipment, the Library resources or to learn about services for students with disabilities. Students with special needs who prefer to attend instruction sessions with their class may notify their instructor or Library staff that they need assistance.

Please contact Donell Callender at donell.callender@ttu.edu.

Request a tour or instruction.

Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a service that provides all patrons a convenient way to obtain research materials. Document Delivery pulls books from the stacks and provides materials the Libraries do not own through interlibrary loan at no charge.

Relay Texas

Relay Texas is a telephone relay service that provides a connection between a person using a TDD/TTY and a person using a regular phone. Anyone may initiate a call through Relay Texas by dialing 711. After dialing, the person initiating the call gives the desired phone number to the Relay Texas Agent, who then dials that number using another phone line.

Wheelchair Access

There are ramps and automatic doors at the east and west entrances to the Library building. Wheelchair-accessible study carrels are located on the west side of stacks floors 1, 2, and 3. Wheelchair-accessible restroom facilities can be found on the ground floor, East basement, and stacks floors 1, 3, and 5.

Campus Services

For additional services, such as testing accommodations, sign language interpreters or note-taking services, please contact the TTU Student Disability Services office at (806) 742-2405.