Texas Tech University

Library Courses

The amount and variety of information available to us today is overwhelming—both in terms of what's in the library (books, microforms, serials, etc.) and what's outside the library (licensed electronic resources, Internet resources, etc.).

Students need to know how to sort through this information to find what they need if they are going to be successful in their coursework, in their careers, and throughout their lives.

To help students, we offer the following coursework:

LIBR 1100: Essentials of Scholarly Research 

A semester-long, 1-hour course designed to teach students lifelong information literacy skills and how to do research in a university library. The main objectives of LIBR 1100 are:

  • To present the arrangement and services of the Texas Tech University Libraries,
  • To provide an introduction to resources & search strategies,
  • To outline a transferable, systematic plan for critical evaluation and use of these resources in a variety of ways, and 
  • To promote the effective use of information to accomplish specific tasks.

Current LIBR 1100 students can access the course via Blackboard.