Texas Tech University

Win $95 in Open Education Week 2021 contest

How much did your textbooks cost this semester? If it was too much, you are not alone. The high cost of educational materials is why the philosophy of open education is important. Open education seeks to help reduce the cost of education by making resources like textbooks free for students.

To celebrate Open Education Week 2021, Texas Tech University Libraries is sponsoring a contest; students, faculty and staff are invited to participate.

This is your chance to express the value of open education to you. Your expression can take the form of a prose, poetry, art, music, film, multi-media or other means of expression. It's easy and fun!

Need to find open-rights works to use in your project? Watch our tutorial on how to find open-rights works.

All entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, March 5.

The winner will receive a $95 gift card. The winner will be selected by a panel of students, staff and faculty and will be notified the second week of March. Open Education Week is being celebrated worldwide this year March 1-5. You can learn more about Open Education Week.

Thanks for participating and best of luck. We look forward to receiving your entry!

Submit entries here.