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General Information

Texas Tech University Statement of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is taking responsibility for one's own work, being individually accountable, and demonstrating intellectual honesty and ethical behavior. Academic integrity is a personal choice to abide by the standards of intellectual honesty and responsibility. Because education is a shared effort to achieve learning through the exchange of ideas, students, faculty, and staff have the collective responsibility to build mutual trust and respect. Ethical behavior and independent thought are essential for the highest level of academic achievement, which then must be measured. Academic achievement includes scholarship, teaching and learning, all of which are shared endeavors. Grades are a device used to quantify the successful accumulation of knowledge through learning. Adhering to the standards of academic integrity ensures that grades are earned honestly and gives added value to the entire educational process. Academic integrity is the foundation upon which students, faculty, and staff build their educational and professional careers. [Texas Tech University ("University") Quality Enhancement Plan, Academic Integrity Task Force, 2010].

Texas Tech University Code of Conduct – Academic Integrity

"Academic dishonesty" includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, falsifying academic records, misrepresenting facts and any act designed to give unfair academic advantage to the student. Students must understand the principles of academic integrity, and abide by them in all class and/or course work at the University. Academic integrity violations are outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, Part II, Section B1 and can be found here: www.ttu.edu/studenthandbook. If there are questions of interpretation of academic integrity policies or about what might constitute an academic integrity violation, students are responsible for seeking guidance from the faculty member teaching the course in question.

University-wide Policies on Addressing Incidents of Academic Integrity

Texas Tech University policies and procedures regarding academic integrity can be found in the Student Handbook in Part II, section B and online here: www.ttu.edu/studenthandbook.

Any person becoming aware of alleged violations of academic integrity should report the allegation to the instructor of record in the course. The instructor in a course is responsible for initiating action in each case of dishonesty or plagiarism that occurs in that class. The instructor may contact the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the nature of the violation and the student's record of academic integrity violations. The instructor should attempt to discuss the matter with the student and receive a response from the student about the allegations. Then, the instructor may assign academic sanctions including, but not limited to a assigning a paper or research project related to academic integrity, make-up assignment that is different than the original assignment, issue no credit for the original assignment, reduce the grade for the assignment and/or course, issue a failing grade on the assignment, and/or issue a failing grade for the course. All academic integrity violations will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct as a central clearinghouse of violations and for adjudication as a Code of Student Conduct violation where disciplinary sanctions, conditions, and/or restrictions will be assigned. These disciplinary sanctions could include suspension or expulsion from Texas Tech University.

Students with disabilities

Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet the course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary arrangements. Students should present appropriate verification from Student Disability Services during the instructor's office hours. Please note that instructors are not allowed to provide classroom accommodations to a student until appropriate verification from Student Disability Services has been provided. For additional information, you may contact the Student Disability Services Office at 335 West Hall or 806-742-2405. The URL for Student Disability Services is: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/sds/.

Discrimination policy

The University is committed to the principle that in no aspect of its programs shall there be differences in the treatment of persons because of race, creed, national origin, age, sex, or disability, and that equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all. If you require special accommodations in order to participate, please contact the instructor. Students should present appropriate verification from Student Disability Services. No requirement exists that accommodations be made prior to completion of this approved University process.