Texas Tech University

PSS Faculty Research Interests

Crop Protection
Peter Dotray Weed Science
Scott Longing Entomology
Rupinder Saini Weed Science
Crop Science
Mark Burow Peanut breeding and genomics
Benildo de los Reyes Plant Genomics
Glen Ritchie Crop physiology
Haydee Laza Plant Physiology
Wenxuan Guo Crop Ecophysiology & Precision Agriculture
Rosalyn Shim Plant Breeding and Genetics
 Wenwei Xu Corn breeding
Jyotsna Sharma Plant ecology and conservation
Fiber and Biopolymer
Noureddine Abidi Biopolymer science
Eric Hequet Cotton fiber quality
Brendan Kelly Cotton Fiber Phenomics
Thayne Montague Plant physiology/viticulture
Russ Plowman Ornamental Horticulture/Floral Design
Catherine Simpson Sustainable/Urban Horticulture
Sukhbir Singh Vegetable Production Systems
Joey Young Turfgrass science
Soil Science
Sanjit Deb Soil physics and hydrology
Katie Lewis Soil Fertility
Matthew Siebecker Environmental Soil Chemistry
Lindsey Slaughter Soil Microbial Ecology/Biochemistry

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