Texas Tech University

The Fab Faculty: Five Professors Launch New Courses Highlighting Entrepreneurship

Kathryn Dankesreiter, Innovation Hub Team

September 2, 2022

The Innovation Hub’s Faculty Ambassadors are laying the foundation for future entrepreneurs!

The Innovation Hub at Research Park awarded five Texas Tech University faculty members $2,500 grants to support a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the classroom. These Faculty C-Startup grants, sponsored by Market Lubbock, are awarded to faculty whose new or existing course includes best practices for commercialization, including the Business Model Canvas

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the faculty will be ambassadors to the Innovation Hub. The Faculty Ambassadors will promote the Hub's programs and be a direct link to the world of entrepreneurship. Taysha Williams, the Managing Director of the Innovation Hub, said, “We are honored to award these Faculty C-Startup Grants to such a diverse group of faculty.  Each faculty member represents a different department on campus and all have very unique courses. One of the best parts of the Faculty C-Startup program is that our awardees become champions for the Innovation Hub within their departments to help continue to foster a dynamic innovation & entrepreneurship culture across campus.”  

2022-2023 Faculty Ambassadors with Innovation Hub Team
(left to right) Dr. Bryan Hotchkins, Ian Stark, Taysha Williams, Dr. Riley Krotz,
Dr. Nick Bergfeld, Kevin Fehr (not pictured: Dr. Catherine Simpson)

The 2022-2023 Innovation Hub Faculty Ambassadors are:

Faculty C-Startup Course: Foundations of Business – Sustainability and Enterprise (BA 1301-H01)

Throughout the course, students undertake a series of sustainable development competitions where they must develop novel business models to solve today's most complex challenges.


Faculty C-Startup Course: Hip Hop Therapy and Critical Musings (HONS 1301)

This course will provide students the knowledge on how to create a way to monetize Hip Hop Therapy & Spoken Word while current forms of oppression, violence, identity, and culture.


Faculty C-Startup Course: Marketing Research and Analysis (MKT 3356)

Students will gain practical experience with statistical analysis and be given the skills necessary to execute market research and customer discovery successfully through a semester-long group project.


Faculty C-Startup Course: Horticultural Management and Entrepreneurship (PSS 4314)

Students in this course will develop skills and knowledge needed for careers in the horticulture industry, primarily how to own and operate their own enterprises. 


Faculty C-Startup Course: Rhetoric of Entrepreneurship (ENGL 1302-B)

Aligning with the Department of English's initiative to support specialized writing curricula, this course is designed to give first-year business students tools to write effective business documents and presentations and understand the Business Model Canvas.