Texas Tech University

Stangel Hall

Stangel Hall


Stangel Hall is a coed, built-in furniture residence hall. The Health Sciences Learning Community is located in Stangel Hall on the central western edge of the main campus, near Agriculture row, Biology building, and Experimental Science buildings. Stangel Hall is coed by wing. A TV lounge, piano lounge, and several study lounges are located on the second and fourth floors. Limitless laundry lounges are available for all residents. The Stangel/Murdough Complex has two sand volleyball courts just south of the complex.

Each room has a sink and built-in furniture consisting of chests of drawers, pullout beds, desks, chairs, closets with overhead storage and bookshelves.

Unique Features

  • Double rooms
  • The Health Sciences Learning Community
  • The Market located between Stangel/Murdough
  • Built-in, non-movable furniture
  • Close to the Media and Communications building and the Physics building
  • Connected to Murdough Hall, located near the central western edge of campus

Stangel Room Diagram and Floor Plan

Floor Plan