Texas Tech University

The Corner

Welcome to The Corner! Formerly known as the Huckabee Student Lounge at Texas Tech University's Huckabee College of Architecture. The lounge has recently been renovated to accommodate the needs of HCOA students, creating a welcoming and collaborative space perfect for studying, sketching, or grabbing a bite to eat!

Eat. Collaborate. Study.

The Corner is the perfect spot for anyone who's looking to grab a quick bite to-go or sit to enjoy a healthy meal at the push of a button! Having fresh food and coffee available in the college is a priority for our students. So we just installed contactless vending solutions - the first of its kind on TTU's campus! During the academic year, you will find a variety of healthy, fresh food options. The Corner is also equipped with a state-of-the-art coffee machine that makes 9 different hot drinks, as well as hot water for tea. All machines accept cash, cards, and even student dining plans. Nutritional information is key in making healthy decisions, click here to view the nutrition facts for the items sold at The Corner!

Be sure to take advantage of the new technology made available to you at The Corner located within the Huckabee College of Architecture! Installed within The Corner are three 55” ultra-high-definition displays connected to Mersive Solstice Pods, allowing wireless multi-participant content sharing directly from your phone or laptop! The Mersive system allows multiple people to share their screens to the same monitor simultaneously, making group work, presentations, and collaborative projects a breeze! A port is located beneath each screen to allow students who wish to opt-out of wireless sharing to connect using an HDMI cable to present the content on their screens.

The Corner offers multiple seating options perfect for reading, resting, or studying. Whether you're looking for a collaborative space or a spot to study individually, there's always a place for you at The Corner located within the Huckabee College of Architecture!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you to Chris Huckabee, alumnus of the HCOA and past Chairman of the TTUS Board of Regents, in partnership with the HCOA and the TTU President's Office, for making this space possible!