Texas Tech University


Texas Tech Huckabee College of Architecture aspires to advance the knowledge, discipline, and practice of architecture through innovation, creative teaching, research, regional and global engagement, and scholarship.

The HCOA has a new vision and goals which emphasize the discipline and practice, engaging in advanced design and design related research. The College is in the process of fully implementing a revised 4+2 curriculum. Our new curriculum builds upon the needs of a changing world by looking at the method of integrating technology within our design studios, introducing history and theory at an earlier level to invigorate the worldliness and capacity of our students, reinforcing new ways to teach structures and construction techniques, and created new study abroad programs that will help our students engage the world.

Our Architecture program has been known to provide our students with the best knowledge and tools to facilitate their transition seamlessly into practice. The College is keeping this as part of our goals in the process of invigorating the curriculum where our students become exposed to the cutting edge technologies and advances in the discipline and practice of architecture.

Core Values

The college's core purpose is to inspire, develop, and empower future leaders in architecture.

We are a community of faculty, staff, and students. Our core values guide everything we do in pursuing our mission.

They are:

  1. Intellectual curiosity.
  2. Questioning and challenging the status quo.
  3. Pursuing excellence.
  4. Treating each other with respect.
  5. Personal accountability.