Texas Tech University

Expenses & Financial Aid


While the University has established school-wide tuition (see calculator) for its credit hours and on-campus housing costs, there is variability in the additional expenses a student will incur for their chosen area of study.

Materials & Printing

Architecture, by nature, is a project-driven discipline, so students of the HCOA spend less on books but more on building materials and printing than more lecture-driven fields

First-year students typically spend more on materials than upper-level students as they are not yet accustomed to accurately estimating their project needs. On the generous side, an undergraduate student spends $500-700 per semester on printing, model making/building materials, and books. These expenses can be reduced if students review project requirements at the onset of classes and allow for adequate time to source materials.

Laptops & Software

Every student is required to have a laptop as well as the software required to complete their coursework. To ensure students have laptops that can operate the robust software required by the HCOA, a list of minimum specifications is available.

Texas Tech provides the software students need for coursework at a significantly lower cost than what is commercially available. This software can be downloaded from our internal IT site once the student has been assigned an eRaider account (provided at orientation).

Financial Aid

The University's Financial Aid office provides a wealth of information and resources to help students obtain the best grants, loans, scholarships and work-study opportunities available to them.

See the TTU Financial Aid for all questions and links related to applying for financial assistance.


In addition to the general scholarships available from Texas Tech University, the Huckabee College of Architecture offers architecture-specific aid each year to students accepted into the pre-professional architecture program. Students can typically apply for these scholarships when beginning the second semester of their first year.

To ensure your best chance at winning a college-based scholarship, it's important to maintain good grades, distinguish yourself from your peers, and apply early.

To learn more about HCOA scholarships and the application process, visit the TTU Scholarship Office. Scholarship FAQs are also available.