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We believe it's important to be involved with your peers not only inside the classroom but also outside. Whatever your interests, there are multiple organizations available at the Huckabee College of Architecture to get involved in: AIAS, Dialogues, CROP, Knights of Architecture, NOMAS, and Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society.

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American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The AIAS is an independent, non-profit, student-run organization that is more than just a club. This grassroots association is a cooperative between thousands of students (of all ages and academic degrees) committed to helping each other. It provides a sense of community and a forum to share differing views. AIAS is also a professional organization that is the official voice of architecture students.

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AIAS Group Meeting
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AIAS Presentation


A student organization that brings thought-provoking discussion to the students.

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Large group of students attending a Dialogues meeting.
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CROP is a student-published collection of the best work produced within our program. Published annual, CROP showcases the most innovative, create, and distinctive work through the academic year.

Established in 2009, CROP is published in April each year and showcases the most innovative, creative, and distinctive work from the previous academic year as determined by the student-run editorial board.

All students are encouraged to submit their work for consideration.


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Faculty and students at a CROP ceremony.

Knights of Architecture

The Knights of Architecture is a student-run service organization that provides programs and events to further enrich the education of the HCOA students, enhancing their abilities and design knowledge through extracurricular educational opportunities.


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Students gathered for a Knights meeting.
Students attentive at a Knights meeting.

National Organization of Minority Architect Students (NOMAS)

The National Organization of Minority Architect Students is an assemblage of students who bring greater awareness to the problems affecting minority groups within the architecture community through the use of provocative but constructive dialogue. Working within a larger national network, NOMAS seeks to address the issues of discrimination, professional relationships, culture, and public policy as they relate to minorities in the architecture community.

Many students continue to be involved with NOMA, the professional organization that NOMAS is a branch of, after graduating and entering the greater architectural community.

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Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society for Architecture and the Allied Arts is the only national honor society for architecture and design majors and is comprised of students and design professionals who contribute to the scholarship, mental achievement, and excellence in areas of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design.

Inclusion in this academic-based society is by invitation only and dependent on your academic performance and intellectual contributions to the College.


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Students working in a studio class.
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