Texas Tech University

From the Dean


Since our beginning in 1927, the College of Architecture has been committed to providing an education that not only transforms students into solid, dedicated professionals who excel in their careers but also instills within them a greater sense of social, personal, and professional responsibility.

As educators and devotees to the architecture discipline, we have a greater obligation to society that falls outside of teaching the basic, anticipated skillset—one that explores the discipline's role within history and progress, its relationship to art and its responsibility to policy, the environment, and sustainability. Yes, we will teach you how to design a building—to be a solid, capable, technically-trained professional—while also teaching you how to observe the physical environment, anticipate society's needs, challenge established norms, and create a legacy.

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Student Presenting
Student Work on Wall
RICA Architecture Studio Lecture


To facilitate this goal, we recognize the responsibility we have to recruit, and more importantly, retain stellar faculty—they are our lifeblood. Their scholarship and enthusiasm drive the program, and we are committed to supporting their intellectual pursuits—facilitating their exploration of the known and unknown—not only for the betterment of our program and institution but also for the advancement of the discipline and practice.

Through our interdisciplinary studies, community outreach, research, and graduates, we endeavor to contribute to the collective energy and distinguished scholarship that propel the University forward. 

Thank you, 


Jim Williamson

Dean & Professor