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Masters of Architecture Red Title Card

Master of Architecture


The Master of Architecture (M. Arch), our professional degree, is our primary graduate program at Texas Tech and begins in the fall semester only. This degree is for individuals who wish to gain licensure in architecture and have an approved bachelor's degree in architecture.

Upon completion of this degree and the requisite internship, you will be eligible to sit for the ARE licensing exam required to be an architect.

Mirrored 2D drawing.
3D Escher-esque render of cubes with architectural structures.
Display of cast molds.
Monochrome renders of structures.


About this Degree

This program is a 4 + 2-year program (60 hours of graduate coursework). Students will learn the foundational principles and history of architecture; explore relationships between form, space, and inhabitation; fabrication techniques and tools; and issues in architecture.

This is a 4 + 2-year program; students are encouraged to spend their summers interning.

Degree Requirements

Top isometric view of a large walk-able structure.
Birds-eye view of a CAD drawing.
Colorful building cut-out view illustration.
Abstract watercolor with a shape made in the negative space.


Admission Requirements

Applicants will start as part of the B.S. Arch degree, and apply into the M. Arch degree as a continuation. Students who graduated from the CoA's B.S. Arch program with 3.0 GPA at graduation are automatically accepted into the M. Arch program upon application. The admission application includes a portfolio of creative work (writing, design, drawing, photography, etc.) that reflects the student's level of design interest, intellectual inquiry, and communication skills. Students applying to the CoA graduate programs who have an undergraduate degree other than a B.S. in Architecture will be required to submit their transcripts for review and consideration.

For all questions regarding CoA graduate admissions, including transfers, reach out to architecture.student.services@ttu.edu.