Texas Tech University

Print Bureau Instructions, Prices, & Downloads

Printing from Your Account

To obtain printing credit, students must add money to their account using a debit or credit card by visiting the PCounter Web Deposit website.

  • All unused credit is rolled over to the next semester or the student can receive a refund by emailing Nathan Lusk at nathan.lusk@ttu.edu.
  • To prevent someone else from printing on your account, make sure you lock or log off of the computer when leaving it unattended.
  • Credit will be given only for printing errors that are NOT the student's fault. Students must present proof of printing error to the staff in the Print Bureau Manager's office, or to the Lab Assistant.


Please check the Print Bureau Pricing Guide to see the most up-to-date printing prices.

General Printing Information

Our printer accounting software is separate from other departments, including the Architecture Library. Jobs printed by the Print Bureau staff will have an added service fee.

Students are not allowed behind the Print Bureau counter. Lab assistants will lay prints out on the Print Bureau counter. Unclaimed prints will be placed on the tables outside the Print Bureau and discarded if not picked up after a reasonable time.

When printing on large format printers, create a custom size to match your document.

You must use the printer presets as a starting point for printing. The presets are defined to choose the paper size in the case of the laser printers.

To print from your personal computer you must install printer drivers. Please reference our guide on installing drivers for Windows.

Printing for Other Departments

The Huckabee College of Architecture offers printing services for other departments. If paying from an account, the Account Manager of the account must email the Print Bureau staff their authorization and the account number for the printing charges before the job will be printed.

Files to be printed can be sent by email to architecture.print@ttu.edu or delivered in person to room 902 in the Huckabee College of Architecture building. The preferred file format is PDF.

A per-item service fee of $7 is charged for each project performed by the Print Bureau staff.



  • Maximum bookbinding is 2 inches (51mm) thick.
  • Instructions for laying out books for binding

Poster Printing

24–60 inch wide printing on a variety of materials: plain bond, matte, photo, satin cloth, metallic, banner, canvas, watercolor, and clear film.


The Print Bureau provides templates in the following sizes. Each template is a PowerPoint file (.pptx). Please remember to submit your file for printing as a PDF.

Contact Information

Email the Print Bureau staff at architecture.print@ttu.edu.