Texas Tech University

Monochrome photo composite of people walking through desert area with structures.
Layered cutout of structure with small people models.
2D Illustrations of people looking out balcony windows.
Faculty and students at a CROP ceremony.

Research & Outreach


The CoA is committed to the themes of urban and community design, advanced fabrication techniques, historic preservation, and healthcare. We connect our surroundings to an increasingly globalized world and seek challenges where architecture can play a role in the health and wellbeing of diverse populations.

We seek to define research and creative output as broadly as necessary to embrace the entire field of architecture and wants to foster a presence in this region to sharpen critical acumen, expand career prospects, and value the resources of West Texas to support, leverage, and cultivate situated local knowledge within a matrix of the land, culture, and history.

We aim to create a foundational presence in Marfa, develop a reciprocal relationship with the City of Lubbock, and establish a precedent in the West Texas region from which to build interdisciplinary programs that engage Architecture, Art, Agriculture, Healthcare, and other departments and disciplines at TTU.

ADRC White Title Card
Students critiquing designs.
Trajectory calculations of the moon.
Illustration of a poolside scene.


Architecture Design & Research Center

The Architecture Research & Design Center (ARDC) facilitates and coordinates research and design activities within the College. Located on the 6th floor of the College, the Center assists faculty and students in their research, scholarship, and creative endeavors; serves as a liaison to other research centers and institutes, and provides architectural/research services to the community.

The ARDC has three laboratories that direct research, design, service, and scholarly activity in the three specializations available within the MS Arch degree: Design & Health, Digital Design & Fabrication, and Urban & Community Design. 

Urban Tech White Title Card
Scatter plot map drawing.
Landscape triptych with three different structure views.
Monochrome renders of structure and variations.


Urban Tech 

An extension of our architecture program, Urban Tech is a place for students to think, draw, design, model and create; a product of ideas and information in public exhibition in the form of drawings and models and transportable information via digital media; and a process of civic engagement and exploration. Urban Tech uses its downtown Lubbock location for community outreach, raising awareness of the ways in which architecture can address civic issues such as sustainability, resiliency, preservation, and revitalization in the public realm.

Past initiatives include High Cotton, a homeless shelter facility; the Guadalupe-Parkway Sommerville Centers playground; and downtown redevelopment project. 

Curtis W. Clerkley, Jr. Architecture Academy White Title Card
Students working together in studio.
CoA Teal Card
Students gathered for a presentation.


Curtis W. Clerkley, Jr. Architecture Academy

The Curtis W. Clerkley Jr. Architecture Academy is a two-week long summer experience designed for historically underrepresented students who are rising juniors and seniors in high school. During the academy, students will gain insight into the profession of architecture—the discipline and practice, its culture and the type of education they'd receive as college students. One week of the academy is held in Dallas, Houston or San Antonio; the final week is held at Texas Tech.

College of Architecture