Texas Tech University

Our History

1923 · Texas Technological College (now TTU) is established.

1927 · The Architecture program begins within Texas Tech as part of the College of Engineering. One instructor teaches all architecture courses.

1928 · Professor Florian A. Kleinschmidt is appointed the head of the newly-created Department of Architectural Engineering and a specialization within architectural design is offered for the first time.

1932 · The Department of Architecture and Allied Arts is born. The emphasis expands from engineering and structures to design, and a Bachelor of Commercial Art is offered in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering.

1933 · The Bachelor of Architecture is offered.

1934 · The Architecture program expands from a 4-year degree to a 5-year degree.

1948 · The Department of Architecture and Allied Arts joins the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

1949 · The program begins encouraging students to spend their summers working in professional architectural offices and a thesis project is introduced for the final semester of study.

1955 · Professor Nolan E. Barrick, FAIA, becomes Chairman of the Department of Architecture and Allied Arts.

1957 · The Program is accredited by the NAAB. This accreditation is never revoked.

1981 · The Master of Architecture degree program is approved by the State Coordinating Board.

1985 · The first M Arch degree is conferred by the Department of Architecture and Allied Arts.

1986 · Architecture becomes an independent college, The College of Architecture, and Dudley Thompson becomes its first Dean.

1992 · The Master of Architecture professional degree program is awarded a full five-year accreditation.

1996 · The College of Architecture becomes the first architecture education program to offer a 173-credit hour Master of Architecture first professional degree, a 131-credit hour undergraduate level program followed by a 42-credit hour graduate level program. This program awards graduates with a Master of Architecture and qualifies them to sit for exams and obtain professional licensure.

2002 · Andrew Vernooy is named Dean of the College.

2003 · F. Marie Hall establishes and funds the H. Deane Pierce professorship to honor the TTU COA graduate's contributions to regional architecture.

2007 · The Clerkley Architecture Academy is created by Texas Tech alum, Curtis Clerkley Jr., to introduce ambitious high school juniors and seniors to the profession of architecture, its culture, and education.

2008 · With Associate Dean and Professor Michael Peters, Vernooy establishes the CoA El Paso program, offering a BS in Architecture.

2008 · F. Marie Hall elevates the H. Deane Pierce professorship to an endowed chair, the first for the College of Architecture.

2013 · The Master of Science in Digital Design and Fabrication (DDF) becomes available.

2015 · A second endowed chair, established by TTU graduate, Mark E. Humphreys, is created for the College of Architecture, specifically for urban design.

2016 · The College earns an 8-year accreditation from the NAAB, its maximum accreditation—signaling the strength of its educational standard and a growth in the program.

2016 · The Master of Science in Architecture with Specialization in Design and Health launches. The program specializes in the design of healthcare facilities for promoting public health and well-being through physical environments.

2016 · Jim Williamson becomes Dean of the College.

2018 · The F. Marie Hall Fabrication Shop is inaugurated, which hosts the Robotics Lab.

2019 · The new semester-long study abroad program begins in Sevilla, Spain.

2022 · Urs Peter Flueckiger named Dean of the College.

2022 · The College of Architecture is officially renamed the Huckabee College of Architecture in honor of Tommie J. Huckabee.