Texas Tech University

DCF Lab Instructions & Price List

Using Your Account

To use the laser cutter or 3D printer students need a PCounter account. A minimum deposit of $5.00 is required to open an account. To obtain credit, students must add money to their account using a debit or credit card by visiting the PCounter Web Deposit website. 

  • All unused credit is rolled over to the next semester or the student can receive a refund by visiting the printing office (room 901).
  • If you're using a shared computer, to prevent someone else from using your account, make sure you log off before you leave.
  • Credit will be given only for errors that are NOT the student's fault. Students must present proof of printing error to the staff in the Architecture Computer Manager's office, or to the Lab Assistant.
  • Lab Assistants are NOT able to give credit.

Laser Cutter

Our Universal (VLS460 & X660) and Boss (LS3655 & HP5598) laser cutters use focused laser beams to cut or engrave a variety of materials (up to 48" x 96") and create a high-quality finish.

  • Any type of metal and anything that contains PVC cannot be cut.
  • All files must be saved and sent to laser as Illustrator CS6. If files are not sent as CS6 they will be rejected.
  • Any laser cut files that ARE NOT studio related will be charged double for time and materials.
  • Work should be created to leave room at least a 1/4″ border around the work.

Using the Laser Cutters

3D Printers

Our 3D printers allow students to create 3-dimensional objects through the extrusion of molten plastic from a tiny nozzle that moves precisely under computer control using Z, Y and Z axis.

Using the 3D Printers