Texas Tech University

DCF Lab Instructions & Price List

Using Your Account

To use the laser cutter or 3D printer students need a PCounter account. A minimum deposit of $5.00 is required to open an account. To obtain credit, students must add money to their account using a debit or credit card by visiting the PCounter Web Deposit website. 

  • All unused credit is rolled over to the next semester or the student can receive a refund by visiting the printing office (room 901).
  • If you're using a shared computer, to prevent someone else from using your account, make sure you log off before you leave.
  • Credit will be given only for errors that are NOT the student's fault. Students must present proof of error to the Laser or Woodshop staff.
  • Lab Assistants are NOT able to give credit.

Laser Cutter

Our Boss (LS3655 & HP5598) laser cutters use focused laser beams to cut or engrave a variety of materials (up to 48" x 96") and create a high-quality finish.

  • Any type of metal and anything that contains PVC cannot be cut.
  • All files must be saved and sent to laser as Illustrator CS6. If files are not sent as CS6 they will be rejected.
  • Any laser cut files that ARE NOT studio related will be charged double for time and materials.
  • Work should be created to leave room at least a 1/4″ border around the work.

Using the Laser Cutters

3D Printers

Our farm of 36 Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printers allow students to create 3-dimensional objects through the extrusion of molten plastic from a tiny nozzle that moves precisely under computer control using X, Y and Z axis.

Using the 3D Printers