Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch) consists of 124 credit hours of undergraduate courses. The coursework included in this degree plan provides students with knowledge of architecture, the construction industry, and related fields in addition to the core curriculum requirements of the university. Your architecture coursework is typically a semester-long project that results from intense study and practice over the length of the semester.

Students who graduate from this program cannot sit for the ARE (licensing exam) but are prepared to continue into the M. Arch program where they can obtain a professional degree.

Recommended Curriculum

Degree Requirements

This is a 4-year program; students are encouraged to spend their summers interning.

Admission Requirements

First-time Students

All students who are accepted into Texas Tech University are accepted into the General Architecture component (Year 1). For general TTU admission requirements, see University Admissions.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will need to complete all pre-architecture courses with a minimum grade of "C", provide their transcripts, and submit the same materials required of students applying to the pre-professional program: portfolio, statement of intent, and grade point average. Students interested in transferring should email architecture.student.services@ttu.edu.