Texas Tech University

Deborah Pittman


M.Arch, Texas Tech University
B.S. Architecture, Texas Tech University
B.A., Agnes Schoot College

Deborah Pittman has been in private practice since 2009. Having owned and operated multiple small businesses, her focus has been on commercial design, business management, and various endeavors in real estate.

Fluent in Spanish since 1996, Deborah has co-taught multiple summer studios in Mexico with the TTU College of Architecture. The focus in these studios was on the urban environment, which she juxtaposed with multi-day trips into the surrounding countryside, beach villages, and historical sites of Palenque and Teotihuacan. She enjoyed challenging students to bring elements of understanding from both the densely-packed urban setting and the tranquil countryside or rich historical sites.

In her personal practice, Deborah particularly enjoys restaurant renovation and new construction. She finds the dual facets of kitchen and equipment planning alongside the artistic flow and sensitivity to customer experience to be an intriguing relationship in the commercial world.

Apart from her architecture and business practices, Deborah is a mother to twin daughters, a Printmaker, a mountain climber, and a gardener. She enjoys a relationship with nature and seeks to nurture the same in her daughters.


Room 508
Office Hours: By appointment

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