Texas Tech University

Lahib Jaddo


M.F.A., Texas Tech University
M.Arch, Texas Tech University
B. Arch, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lahib Jaddo was born in Baghdad to Iraqi/Turkman parents in the mid-fifties. She started her education in Architecture in the Middle East at the American University of Beirut and continued in upstate New York at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She moved to Texas in the early eighties with her first partner, raised two kids and finished her master's in architecture and Master of Fine Arts at Texas Tech University. She began her practice as a studio artist in 1990 and started teaching for the college of Architecture at Texas Tech University in 1996 where she continues to teach. Her focus at the college is on the beginner students' foundations and second year design.

Jaddo's practice as a visual artist has a focus on painting and sculpture. Her work expresses the point of view of a woman closely related to her culture of origin yet one who is completely emersed in the American culture through her connection to the land. She exhibits her work nationally and globally. Her visual work is currently showing in Texas, California, and Jordan in the Middle East.



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