Texas Tech University

Nathan Harvey


M. Arch, Texas Tech University
B.A. Architecture, Texas Tech University
B.S. Social Psychology, Texas Tech University

Born into a family of critical thinkers I was basically setup to explore everything that was of interest to me; growing up surrounded by Architects, Engineers, and Educators the idea of ‘how' and ‘why' were ever present. My family moved to Texas from New Orleans at a young age, and I was fortunate to grow up in architecture and engineering offices – but as a result I did everything I could to distance myself from architecture. I enrolled at Texas Tech with the goal of being a trial attorney, pursuing a degree in Social Psychology to better understand the brain of people on the stand. The semester before I was to graduate it hit me like a ton of bricks, my heart was not with playing mind games with people in a courtroom but rather using my hands to express design ideas. Seemed prudent to complete the psychology degree and then immediately applied to enroll in architecture, then continuing into graduate school.

Through the course of my career to date I have been fortunate to work on commercial, educational, healthcare, governmental, municipal, industrial, recreational, religious, nonprofits, and master planning projects. To date, they total roughly 21,556,995 ft² with an estimated construction budget of $1,194,398,672.

I am married to an esteemed attorney, Kacee, and have two daughters. I am a certified master scuba diver, love snow skiing, golf, travel, being lost in foreign countries, philanthropy, yard work, and projects around the house.


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