Texas Tech University

Design Studio 2: Body & Place

Arch 1302/1102 · Hybrid/Online

Instructor: Terah Maher

Design Studio 2, complements Studio 1's essential architectural substances Form & Space with two primary formal motivators: Body & Place.

Space is transformed into place when it acquires definition and meaning. Body will be understood as the initial instrument through which we comprehend and delineate space. The studio studies ordering systems both natural and formal. Through the analysis and deployment of order, students will extract architectural strategies that trans-forms.

Through 4 phases: Measure, Metamorphosis, Occupation, Order - students will reenact methodologies tracing Dürer, Marey, Schlemmer, Wittkower, Rowe, Miss and others. Each phase will work at increasing scales from body to room to building to city.

Methods of representation employed include hand-drafted drawings, video capture and manipulation, digital drawings, and digitally fabricated models. The course is hybrid.

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