Texas Tech University

Media Electives

Arch 4341 · 3 Semester Credit Hours

Analog or digital media options chosen from approved list. May be repeated for credit.

Spatial Dynamics

Arch 4341 · Hybrid

Instructor: Bryan Buie


Geometry of Earth and the Elements

Arch 4341 · Hybrid

Instructor: Elisandra Garcia

This course is an evolution from ARCH 4341 Geometry of Food: A digital and analog media class exploring the fascinating complexity of form, structure and context found in nature. Spring 2021 will dive into the study of minerals, geology and organic chemistry, to discover potential structural or conceptual ideas for ARCH 3602 Studio. Media: Mapping, Drafting, 3d modeling, illustration, digital painting.


Arch 4341 · Online

Instructor: Victoria McReynolds

“Overhead the sky was an immense funnel of sapphire and purple, fantasticated whorls of coral cloud marking the descent of the sun like baroque vapour trails.”
The Drowned World, J.G. Ballard

This seminar course explores the uncanny light as an anthropocentric spectral phenomena byproduct of natural and electrical illumination. Blazing red skies, sepia saturated horizons, and emerald green clouds frequent our media feeds as wild fires, volcanic eruptions, and interplanetary travel increases. Utilizing developing software and light sensitive tools, we will investigate architectural consequences of the shifting illumination quality through three primary components:

  • Staging odd and unusual light
  • Modeling color and light utilizing the sun, light gels, and rendering software
  • Visualizing illumination through drawing, image, and video

Poetic Interoperability

Arch 4341 · Online

Instructor: Bennett Neiman

Digital media is transforming the teaching and practice of design, offering new ways to see, think, study, and understand architecture. This media elective investigates the tactics and techniques of how digital media and physical material are used interchangeably as instruments in a design environment. A series of weekly exercises inspired by Bauhaus principles of craftsmanship and visual perception stimulates intuition and analytic observation. The methodology explores the making of space with a particular emphasis on sensorial experience through light, shade, shadow, texture, color, reflectivity, transparency, semi-transparency, and motion. Theory presentations supplement the commentary of student design work. The completion of assignments occurs outside of class time.

Digital Media in Neoteric Dimension (DiMeND)

Arch 4341 · Online

Instructor: Kuhn Park

DiMeND introduces design as a computational enterprise in which mediating technologies are developed to compose and describe design and architecture.

Natureforms: Architectural Definitions of Post-Digital Nature

Arch 4341 · Online

Instructor: Brendan Shea

Working in both fast and slow environments, this seminar will explore methods of redefining nature at the resolution of the algorithmic model. Introduces potentials of computational design software and hardware; expands the ability to visualize and materialize design options; develops representational techniques for critical analysis of architectural and environmental precedents.

Made:Found in Lubbock — "costo de polvo"

Arch 4341 · Hybrid

Instructor: Jeremy Wahlberg

Digital + Analog media elective: focusing on collection + observation; photographs, sketches, and drawings of "agri-tecture". Connecting global ecology, economy, and region to specific local form of process and production. Endeavoring to understand our region, industry, economy, sustainability, agriculture, and architecture.