Texas Tech University


Arch 2102 · Online

Instructor: Stephanie Sang Delgado

Architectural Representation IV will build upon foundational techniques and methods introduced in the first-year and second-year courses Architectural Representation I–III. Taught in conjunction with ARCH 2504, ARCH 2102 will be structured as a series of lectures, readings, workshops and assignments intended to advance and articulate design conversations in Architectural Design Studio III and develop a critical attitude toward representational techniques and methods.

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Arch 2504 · Hybrid/Online

Instructor: Chris Taylor

This studio will compound and refine foundational design process skills that cultivate an understanding of architecture as more than accretion of well composed form. It will construct working methods that envision and establish an architecture of interbedded forces and properties that extend from planetary geometry to molecular character—from site to performance. It will cultivate geometric precision in modeling and drawing to develop, perceive and test architectural propositions. It will use grids as abstract and concrete mechanisms of measurement and analysis. And it will translate analysis into architectural vocabularies of space, form, and experience. The studio is composed of three phases—COLLECTION, DISPLACEMENT, PROJECTION—with each distinct step adding momentum to the total work. The studio will center on the Terry and Jo Harvey Allen Collection, examine patterns of difference in the tectonic and linear assembly of Lubbock County, map volumetric displacement of earth and time, and culminate in the Drive-In Archive.

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